ESSAND : Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Earth System Science and Andaman Natural Disaster Management

Student Union

Student Union


           ESSAND SU has been established from the concept of Dr. Avirut Puttiwongrak, a lecturer of ESSAND in Prince of Songkla University, Phuket Campus. The necessity and importance of ESSAND SU establishment is to produce a communication link between the students and the faculty and to support students experiencing financial, emotional or educational difficulties. ESSAND SU had commenced voting to recruit the head person (President, Vice President and Secretary) in August 11, 2017. ESSAND has assigned Mr. Sakanann VANN as the President of the ESSAND SU since the voting date. The ESSAND SU’s office has temporarily situated in ESSAND Student Room (Fl.1, B.6).


   • To represent the students of ESSAND Faculty on various committees within and outside the Faculty
   • To form a communication link between the students and the faculty.
   • To support students experiencing financial, emotional or educational difficulties
   • To disseminate necessary and interesting information to all students
   • To organize events of social, cultural educational benefit to students
   • To provide services to aid students in a variety of situations
   • To defend and promote all democratic and human rights.

Election Policies

          ESSAND SU election is based on principles of fairness for every member getting involved. In terms of election process, it is basically accomplished through voting system. Every ESSAND student has the right to vote all positions in August every year. The following leader persons will be elected by ESSAND student ballot:
       i. President of Students’ Union
       ii. Vice-President of Students’ Union
       iii. Secretary of Students’ Union
          All positions of leader persons can be taken a position only 1 term (1 year) and cannot be repeated.

Head Organization of ESSAND SU 2018-2019

President of ESSAND SU 2018-2019

Tel: (+66) 80-8234309

Vice President of ESSAND SU 2018-2019

Tel: (+66) 90-2764752

Secretary of ESSAND SU 2018-2019

Tel: (+66) 95-2287408