Towards Smart, Safe and Sustainable (3S) Communities

Towards Smart, Safe and Sustainable (3S) Communities

In the globalized world that we live today, a regional environmental change likely affects a greater part of the world, and it may lead to serious economic recessions, political instabilities, pandemic diseases and violent conflicts, which is critically important to manage and minimize. Thus it is all the more important to make every local community smarter, safer, and more sustainable. It is possible only with scientific and technological research and development, which offer not only advanced products and services but also more precise, detailed data analyses that enable evidence-based policy making, land use design, etc. Indeed, more serious, complex problems are waiting for solutions. The First International Conference on Disaster and Environmental Management (ICDEM 2019) provides a premium forum to discuss these issues relevant researchers and practitioners from interdisciplinary perspectives.

The key issues should be related, but not limited, to the prevention, protection, and management of disaster and environmental concerns.

Three Main Tracks

  1. Environmental Technology and Management
  2. Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
  3. ICT Utilization to Support Disaster and Environmental Management

Conference Schedule

  • 13 March: Tutorial and training workshops
  • 14-15 March: Main conference sessions
  • 16 March: Technical visit to the Phuket areas affected by Tsunami: a Lesson Learnt

Contact: icdem2019 [at]